KickStart promote and protect the physical and mental health of cancer sufferers, primarily but not exclusively, aged 16-24 year olds in the Hull, East Riding and North Lincolnshire area. We do this through the provision of financial assistance, education and practical advice.


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Alternative Therapy

Your medical team may recommend complementary therapies, and although beneficial to you, they are not available on the NHS. We can help to find out what works for you.



Hospital stays, frequent appointments and treatment can make you miss out and get behind, so we can help you get back on track or give you a KickStart in a new direction.


Gym Memberships

Support to help you rebuild your strength, stamina and confidence to allow you to get back to school / college / work and get on with your life.


Home Equipment

Cancer can be expensive in ways you can’t foresee, and sometimes those basic necessities are needed.



The effects of cancer can have a huge impact both physically and mentally, and sometimes a bit of pampering and a few tips from the experts can make a big difference to how you feel and see yourself.


Medical Equipment

Having the right equipment at home can make a huge difference to making your life more bearable, helping your recovery, and managing long term impacts.


Nutritional Advice

Cancer takes a toll, so learn how to look after your body and help it recover.


Sports Coaching

Months away from training can make it hard to get back doing what you love, but some one-to-one training can help you get back to training with your team.



Confidence, anxiety, nutrition, retraining – if you need it, we will try to provide it!

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Kickstart Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Support is registered with the Charity Commission. Our current Trustees are Joanne Pierce, Jonathan Pierce, Paul Braid, Carolanne Mangles and Lindsey Boardman.

Registered Number - 1155629.